Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

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Youth Development Program

B & G (C.A.M.P) Summer Day Program


B & G (C.A.M.P), which is an acronym for Boys & Girls Counseling And Mentoring

Project, is Brooklyn's only all boy & all girl Summer Day Program.  The 7-week long Summer Day Program is specifically for boys and girls ages 5 through 13 with programming based in counseling and mentoring techniques.   B & G  C.A.M.P is staffed with a highly trained team of dedicated professionals who work in conjunction with New York City's SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program).  We deliver quality summer programming that consists of cultural, recreational, and educational activities as well as in and out of state trips. With our 1:2 ratio we provide each child and counselor with an incomparable  mentor/mentee experience.


The Harambay Cultural After-School Program


The Harambay after school program promotes African and positive Hip-Hop culture along with an emphasis on academic superiority. Our after school student's partake in an assortment of activities such as::


· Cultural Awareness

· Martial Arts

· Youth Leadership

· Computer Literacy

· Photography

· Music and Theater

· Poetry

· Video Production

· Dance

· Table Board & Video Games

Urban Athletes University (UAU)


The UAU is a multi-sport comprehensive college preparation program for young people ages 5-17 yrs old. The UAU is comprised of 4 components, Education, Life Skills, Sports and Coaches Clinics.

Our mission is to give youth an opportunity to realize their full potential through athletic sportsmanship and leadership. The basic premise of UAU is to give our youth a positive goal to strive for in their lives, while teaching them responsibility, discipline, respect, hard work and commitment to education and how it relates to being productive men and women through the game of sports.

Career & College "R" Us


Our Career & College "R" Us program will provide young people early exposure to college and career life. This program will explore career options to middle and high school students by introducing them to career professionals from the community and on-going visits to college campuses throughout New York City. The objective is to encourage students to visualize themselves in college and or as a career professional.

Fatherhood /  Mentoring Program


The Re-Match Mentoring Program is MUSA's highly requested mentoring service for students and young people ages 5 through 21.  This program also caters to young people who have been classified as "high-risk" for various reasons. 

Young people participate in separate weekly group discussions and workshops centered on both social and personal developmental issues.  Participants are assigned adult volunteer mentors who commit to making frequent school and home visits throughout the course of the year

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