Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

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Community Development Program

Body Of Peace


A borough and county wide anti-violence coalition that focuses on the reduction of gun related violence throughout the state. The coalition consists of grassroots, community based organizations both small and large, clergy, elected officials, business owners, community leaders, youth leaders, public health advocates, lawyers and tenant leaders.





Man Up! Inc. and Life Camp Inc. are Co-Founders of New York PEACE WEEK. Every January 15-22, New York PEACE WEEK recognizes the Life and time of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by devoting the entire week to several programs that promote peace throughout various communities within New York.

Community Advocacy


Our community organizing team offers assistance in all of the critical areas of community organizing and mobilizing. Community assessment workshops are facilitated to neighborhood and community members who want to take charge of their own communities. We are also trained to coordinate press conferences, town hall meetings, rallies, demonstrations and marches.

Neighborhood Workforce Union


The NWU is a qualified workforce of able men and women from the community who advocate for immediate work opportunities from existing development projects within the community.


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