Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

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In Memory Of:

Deasean Hill


Killed By Stray Bullet

After the unfortunate death of the 8-year-old angel, Deasean Hill in East New York, Brooklyn in November 2003, and soon thereafter, the release of the shocking Black Male unemployment report in February 2004, an emergency meeting of like-minded men was organized to discuss and create immediate solutions that would combat both these community problems. (Senseless violence & racial discrimination).


The concept of these group meetings was soon referred to as “Man Up” sessions. This drive gave birth to the incorporation of MAN UP! INC. in 2005. A “real” street & community based not-for-profit 501 ©3 organization. We service communities through after school, summer day, employment readiness, mentoring, sports, recreational and advocacy programs.


Ten years later MAN UP! INC. operates out of three locations in Brooklyn, New York and has serviced thousands of New Yorkers, both young and old, all in the loving memory of Daesean Hill and countless others.

Mission Statement


MAN UP! INC’S mission is to serve urban neighborhoods as a Multi-Cultural,

social service Agency for Neighborhood improvement and for the complete

Understanding of emergency Preparedness!


MAN UP! INC’S mission has further grown into providing youth, community, housing, job development programs and services to distressed communities.

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