Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

Building A Better & Safer Community One Block At A Time

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Personal Development Program

WO/Man Up!

WO/Man Up! which stands for the Women Of Man Up! is a sista-hood empowerment initiative that consists of the women and girls of MUSA. Strong dedicated women and girls have always played important roles in the success of the company's rich history.

The purpose of WO/Man Up! is to recruit, retain, and mentor other women and girls who want to be involved with improving their communities while encouraging and promoting women's empowerment and success through the different programs and initiatives at Man Up! Inc.

M.O.M. Meetings

Men Only Meetings is our way of cultivating and educating the brotha-hood of MUSA on a monthly basis. Each month all the men and boys of our organization get together and have manhood development conversations on an inter-generational level. We also plan community activities that promote community service, activism and volunteerism.




MUSA's Formerly Incarcerated People's Association also known as F.I.P.A. meets regularly throughout the year to study and discuss mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex.  One-on-One and group counseling sessions with members of the association are arranged for recently released incarcerated people.  The sessions are set up to assist with employment readiness, family reintegration, housing, and other issues that F.I.Ps commonly face when being re-introduced to mainstream society.


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