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Man Up! is made up of an amazing team of servant leaders. Together we have designed and delivered dozens of community-driven initiatives which have impacted tens of thousands of lives. 

Job Development Center (Gateway Phase II)

Job Development Center (Gateway Phase II)

The Job Development Center or JDC is operating through a sub-contract agreement with The ENY Restoration Local Development Corporation. The JDC is working to prepare and assist the unemployed, under employed, and never employed residents of East New York and surrounding neighborhoods for potential job opportunities at the Gateway Phase II retail expansion project in ENY, Brooklyn. .

Ready 4 Work

Ready 4 Work


Man Up! Inc’s READY 4 WORK Program is a 10-hour comprehensive job readiness soft skills training program that includes orientation & introduction to the “real job world”, career exploration, resume enhancement, interviewing skills, and workshops on how to successfully maintain employment.

    Neighborhood Volunteer Corps

    Neighborhood Volunteer Corps


    The Neighborhood Volunteer Corps (NVC) is an intensive 10-week work readiness program specifically designed for young men and women ages 16-24 not currently attending school and unemployed. Each participant receives a bi-weekly stipend that amounts to $1000.00 at program end.  A Mentor/ Life Coach is assigned to assist each participant during the 10-week process

    The 10-week program provides the following:


    · Soft Skill Job Readiness Training

    · Vocational Certifications

    · CPR & First Aid Training

    · Community Services

    · Internships

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